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Welcome to our page on DBZ and DBGT!
Hi. We made this site to let you all know a little more about DBZ/GT. We will do our best to keep everything updated so that each time you come back you will find something new! On our photo page you will find a ton of pics of your favorite DBZ/GT characters. Our about page will explain about the DBZ/GT series, which are played on Cartoon Network. On our links page you will find links to all kinds of great DBZ/GT sites.
Site Updates

I just updated the video games and whats new pages so check them out!

New Site Complete!
Finally the site is done so check it out at www.dbzgt102.freeservers.com.

Weekly Info
Dragon Ball Z:The Legendary Super Saiyan is coming to the U.S. and this movie is one of the best out there! To learn more visit our what's new page.

If you have any questions you can send me an e-mail at: GTkid589@hotmail.com
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For questions or ideas about the site e-mail Peter at: GTkid589@hotmail.com
e-mail me