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About us
Hi. We just wanted to tell you a little bit about ourselves. My name is Brandon and I was the one who started the site. Only a few days later did I have a friend, Peter join me in setting up and maintaining the site. I watch dbz every day even if I have seen the episode. I just like to look at all the details and try to notice something new. Hi. This is Peter. I like dbz and I enjoy working with Brandon on this site. I have a vast knowledge of dbz info. Please don't hesitate to ask questions. Enjoy our site!

About DBZ/GT
In the opening seen we see Goku rolling through the forest on a large log. As he gets home he throws the log in the air and chops in up. As this is going on we are introduced to Bulma (we get to see her, but not know her name). Goku is then inside of his house and he is talking to the four star dragon ball in which he thinks his grandpa's spirit is in. Goku then goes off to catch a fish. As Goku is walking through the forest he jumps up into a tree and eats two apples. He throws one of the apples and hits a bobcat on the head. The bobcat then chased him but was no match for Goku and the Bobcat fell off of a cliff. Goku then slipped and fell of, buy into the river he was looking for. As Goku gets out of the water and is drying off he sticks his tail into the water so he can catch a fish. Just then a giant fish jumps for Goku's tail, but as it is about to bite Goku, Goku turns around and kicks the fish. He then jumps into the water and grabs the fish. As Goku is walking home he hears a noise and stops. Out of no where Bulma in her air car shows up and hits Goku and his car. Goku jumps up and tries to beat up Bulma. Bulma then gets out of the car and tells Goku that she is human. Bulma then explains that she is a girl and Goku comments that he has never seen a girl, but his grandpa told him about girls. Goku then lifts up Bulma's skirt looking for her tail. Bulma then ponders whether all boys have tails since she has never seen one with no pants on. Goku invites Bulma back to his house and Bulma wonders if Goku has the Dragon ball she is looking for. On the way to Goku's home the two get to know each others names and Goku makes fun of Bulma for her name. When they get back to Goku's house Bulma sees Goku's dragon ball and tries to convince Goku to give it too her. Bulma then shows Goku that his ball is not a one of a kind, she then explains to Goku what the dragon balls can do when all gathered.

At this same time we are introduced to Lord Pilaf. He has just found a Dragon ball and we see his thoughts of what his wish will be (world-domination). Lord Pilaf needs to be told that there are seven dragon balls and having just one is no good, though.

Bulma eventually convinces Goku to be her partner so she can get his dragon ball eventually, she also feels he will be a great body guard. Bulma opens up a capsule from which came a motorcycle. Goku of course needs to be told that it is not a monster and he then gets on. So Bulma and Goku go speeding away. Bulma flies over a hill and almost crashes. Bulma then stops to go to the bathroom, she runs behind a rock and the yells for Goku. As Goku runs over we see a large flying dinosaur that is holding onto Bulma. Goku does not realize that the flying dinosaur is a bad guy and allows himself to be ties up. As the dinosaur flies away Goku slips out of the ropes and hops on the motorbike to chase after Bulma. Goku flies over a hill and is almost to Bulma when he begins to fall to Earth, so he jumps, but comes up short. As he is falling again he pulls out his power pole and hits the flying dinosaur who drops Bulma. Bulma starts to fall so Goku throws his poll which hits Bulma and causes to stick to the side of the mountain. Goku then gets Bulma and they go off to look for the dragon balls. Goku and Bulma are riding on the motor cycle when Bulma stops to rest for the night. She takes out one of here capsules and makes a house appear. Once the two of them get inside Goku is amazed by the lights and the TV. Bulma notices thought that Goku smells really bad so she tells him to take a bath. Goku has no idea what a bath is though so Bulma is forced to give him one. Bulma is giving Goku his bath when she tells him to take off his tail. Bulma pulls on the tail, but since it is a real tail Goku yells in pain. He then uses his tail to wash his back. Bulma cannot believe that Goku’s tail is real. She then questions whether all boys have tails. Bulma then goes to take a bath, but is interrupted when Goku enters and says that he has come to wash Bulma's back. Bulma tries to maintain her temper, but when Goku says that she is jealous because she does not have a tail she flips and throws everything in the bathroom at him.

At Lord Pilaf's castle Pilaf is talking to Show about the Dragon balls when Pilaf has a little gas problem. Pilaf then tells Shou that he was the one who did it. When Shou does not agree Pilaf has mechanical hands come from the ceiling and floor that grab Shou and then Pilaf has a chainsaw and is about to cut up Shou when Shou promises to bring back a DB and says that he will never fart is Pilaf's presence again. Agent Myu then enters the room and tells Lord Pilaf that a mysterious glow has been spotted in a place called Skull Valley, we also learn that no one has ever visited Skull Valley and returned. Pilaf then tells Myu to take Shou and to go see what the mysterious glow is. Meanwhile, Goku goes out to find some food. Goku decides that the giant centipede he has isn't big enough when all of a sudden he spots Myu's ship which looks like a bird. The plane is flying to Skull Valley. When it lands Myu and Shou get out. Goku comes jumping down behind them to tell them to get away from his bird. Myu and Shou then find out that the glowing was the eyes of wolves and out of no where a giant pack of wolves jump out. Goku easily beats them all up and then chases after the plane. He causes the plane to crash, but after hitting it he comes to the conclusion that the "bird" is not edible. So Goku goes back to the house with his centipede and a wolf. He offers some to Bulma, but she is grossed out. Goku eats the food and then goes inside. Before going to bed Bulma question's Goku about his grandfather and his tail, but doesn't learn much. The next morning Goku wakes up and goes outside to exercise. Goku finds a giant tortise and then Bulma comes out. After giving the turtle some salt water Goku says that he will take the lost turtle back to the sea. Bulma is mad and doesn't go with Goku. Bulma though sees a giant dinosaur and changes her mind. She catches up with Goku and the three of them go off in search of the sea.

Saiya-jin Saga

The saga starts off at the arrival of Radditz. Radditz explained Goku of his true origin. That he was a space soldier sent to Earth to make it presentable for purchase when he was young. Goku refused to join him, so Radditz kidnapped Goku's son, Gohan. Goku had no choice but to fight him. He joined forces with Piccolo and fought Radditz, Radditz lost the fight and died, but Goku sacraficed his life to win the battle and then he was off to find Kaiousama, the greatest martial arts fighter.
Piccolo then kidnapped Gohan for training because Gohan injured Radditz during the battle. Then everyone trained for a year. Nappa and Vegita heard about the Dragon Balls through Piccolo, and they then plan on going to Earth to find them and wish for immortality. Nappa took care of almost all the Z warriors, except for Krillen and Gohan. Then Goku came and beat the hell out of Nappa. Vegita then killed Nappa, and then Vegita and Goku fought. Vegita lost the first round and transformed to the giant Ozaru. He then beat up Goku and later Gohan and Krillen came back to fight Vegita. Then the coward Yajerobe cut off his tail, and Vegita turned back to normal. Gohan then later turn to Ozaru form and beat up Vegita. Vegita lost so he retreated back at Freezer's command post.

Freezer Saga

The saga starts out when the crew (Gohan, Bulma, and Kurririn) get in Kamasama's old spaceship and head off towards Namek. Goku no t going because he's too injured during the battle with Vegita. The crew first landed on a fake Namek, 4 episodes later they're on the real Namek. Right after they got there, surprise surprise, Vegita shows up and the crew gets scared. Now Goku is on a spaceship heading towards Namek. Freezer and company had 5 Dragon Balls, Vegita has 1, the Crew has 1 also. Vegita steals from the crew, the crew steals from Vegita. Vegita gets ultra pissed and finds the crew. While that happens, Krillen and Gohan get major charges from Saichoruu, the Namek Elder. The Ginyu shows up, so Gohan, Kuririn, and Vegita join forces to battle the Ginyu. They take caare of Guldo, no problem, but get stuck on Reccoom. Reccoom takes out everybody. Is all hope lost...?
Goku arrive at the battlefield and very well easily defeat Recoome. Goku does what the entire group couldn't, deafeat Recoome. The way that Goku easily beat the seemingly invincible Recoome, Vegita gets the idea that Goku could be the...Legendary Super Saiya-Jin? Next Goku takes on Burter and Jeice. Goku plays with them and then defeats Burter , Jeice runs away to find Captain Ginyu. The renewed Vegita then finishes off Burter and Recoome. Goku gets mad and ask, "Why did you go and do that for?" Vegita then explains the evil and ruthlessness of Freezer and his men. Meanwhile Jeice finds Ginyu, who has came up with a new pose, but unable to use it since most of the Ginyu Force is dead. This enrages Ginyu and he fly’s off to find Goku. Gohan and Kurririn fly off to get the Dragon Balls, Goku and Vegita are left to spar with Captain Ginyu and Jeice. Vegita tricks Goku and fly’s off to leave Goku to fight the remaining Ginyu Force members. Ginyu fights around with Goku, they seem be evenly strong, until Ginyu realizes that Goku wasn't using his full strength, so he ask Goku to show his full power...big mistake! Ginyu freaks out at how much stronger Goku is than him. Ginyu is afraid of the mythological Legendary Super Saiya-Jin! Goku shows some compassion and gives Ginyu a chance to escape, this lead Ginyu to thinking that Goku hasn't reached Super Saiya-Jin...yet! The evil Ginyu than wounds himself badly...why? Ginyu had a special move Goku didn't know about, the ability to switch bodies! Ginyu then switch bodies with Goku. Goku is now left helplessly alone, and with no knowledge on how to use the new body. Ginyu then finds Gohan and Kurririn, and kill them! Ginyu doesn't know how to use Goku's body, so gets badly beaten by Gohan and Kurririn. But as time passes, Ginyu figures out how to use Goku's body and begins fighting back. Vegita shows up and kills Jeice, then sets his sites on Ginyu (in Goku's body) Vegita beats the hell out of Ginyu...Now Ginyu wants Vinita’s body! Ginyu tries to switch with Vegita, but fails and switches with...a frog? Yes, Ginyu has now own the body of a useless frog! Goku's badly injured so he went to recuperate in Freezer's ship. Gohan and Kurririn gets new armor, as well as Vegita.
Here is where business picks up a bit. Kuririn goes to find Dende, who will hopefully know the password to the Dragon balls. Meanwhile, Vegita starts taking a nap, and Gohan is guarding the Dragon balls. Dende is also looking for Kuririn and Gohan, trying to deliver the password to them, and spots the headless Gurudo (if you watch the US Dragon ball Z, you do not see Gurudo gets his head chopped off by Vegita, he gets killed by a laser instead). Dende becomes scared while he's flying down towards Gurudo, who he thinks is Kuririn. About 5 minutes later, Kuririn and Dende meet up, and head back to Furiza's ship. Just to be sure they won't wake Vegita, Dende, Kuririn, and Gohan take the balls to an island not too far away, and Denda summons the Eternal Dragon, Porunga. The first wish they try to make is to wish back the Z Senshi that died during the Vegita saga. Porunga denies the request, stating that only one person can be wished back at a time. At Kaio-sama's planet, Tenshinhan, Yamcha, and Chaot-zu are arguing over who should be the one to leave. Of course Piccolo has a brilliant idea, wish him back, and Kami-Sama will be back on the Earth, as well as the Dragon Balls! So, Piccolo contacts Gohan telepathically through Kaio-sama, telling Gohan to wish him back. The second wish is to wish Piccolo to the Namek, which is also granted, unfortunately, he is not teleported to their current location, which is bad, because trouble's on the way.... Vegita shows up, and some problems go underway, and Furiza shows up, and the huge battle starts. I will only cover the major events of the battle here, for a more detailed version, check out the Battle Summaries section. The highlight events include Kuririn almost dieing, Gohan beating up Furiza 2nd form, Piccolo beating Furiza second form, Gohan making Furiza 3rd form transform again with a Masenko blast, Dende dieing, Kuririn dieing, Gokou going SSJ, Gokou winning. That about covers the major parts.
Android Saga
There was an evil force coming to earth, it was Freeza, he did not die from the explosion of Namek or Goku's ki blast. He was not the only one who was coming., Freeza's father, King Cold, was coming too, he was even stronger than Freeza. Freeza had been blown up pretty well and over half of his body was missing. He was given a android body, so most of us call him Freeza Bot. Vegeta warned everyone of this great danger, they showed up where Vegeta said they probably would. Freeza's ship arrived, and Freeza gave the word to kill all of the earthlings. As soon his men went to do that, his men fell into pieces at the ground, as if they had been sliced. Then a young boy named Trunks landed, he pissed off Freeza a bit (by talking trash) and then claimed he was a Super Saiyajin. He turned SSJ (to prove that he was a Saiyajin). Freeza was reminded of the fight with Goku on Namek, so he became enraged and attacked Trunks. Trunks would say stuff like, "If that was your best then you are weak." Just to piss him off. Freeza went to attack Trunks again, but then Trunks was gone... then Freeza heard Trunks scream, "FREEZA!!" and Trunks shot at Freeza. Freeza just dodged it, but as he looked up Trunks was right behind him coming at him with his sword drawn! Trunks sliced Freeza in half. As all this was happening the rest of the z-team watched from a cliff peak. Trunks then slashed Freeza into about 70 different pieces, they where just floating in the air. Trunks then shot a ki blast at the floating pieces, burning them to ash. Then he killed King Cold with ease. He met up with the z-team, he told them, "I'm going to meet Son Goku! Want to come?" It was odd, he knew exactly where Goku would arrive, they waited and waited, then Goku arrived! Trunks then told Goku in private that he was from the future, and that there where going to be 2 androids wrecking havoc on earth. Goku wanted to fight them, but them Trunk told Goku that before that would happen he would die of a heart virus. He then gave Goku a little bottle of pills and told him to take them when he felt the signs of the heart attack. Goku was going to be saved! Trunks then left. The Z-team trained for 3 years till the day arrived when they had to fight the androids. They where all much stronger than they where before. They found the androids, they where #19 and #20. #20 almost killed Yamcha (by sticking his hand right through this stomach). Then they went off to a remote island to fight. Vegeta had not shown up yet. They had information on everyone there, ever since Goku destroyed the Red Ribbon army they had collected data on them, they stopped collecting data since Goku fought Vegeta. Goku had a trick up his sleeve... He showed them the power of the Super Saiyajin! He started fighting #19. Goku was winning for a bit, then he started having to gulp for air, he was having his heart attack. #19 had the advantage and started using a little red ball in his palm to suck energy out of Goku. Goku was getting weak. Then out of nowhere #19 got a kick to the face (a fat face =P). It was Vegeta, he told Goku that if anyone was going to kill him, it had to be himself. Yamcha took Goku too Chi Chi and the pills that Trunks had given them. Vegeta told the androids that they did not know what they where dealing with. He said that he was able to go Super Saiyajin as well. With a blast of rage Vegeta turned SSJ. He then whooped #19. #19 tried to steal Vegeta's power by grabbing his arms. #19 only got his arms ripped off. He started running away from Vegeta, but Vegeta rose into the sky and said, "This is what I call 'Super Vegeta's BIG BANG ATTACK!!!" and shot a ball of ki at #19. #19's body blew up at his head was separated from his body, he was dead. #20 was afraid and thought he needed more help, so he started running off into the cliffs. Trunks then arrived at the battlefield and saw that fat white head on the ground (#19's head). He said that they have been fighting the wrong androids the whole time. They left to follow #20. He hid for a while then made it out to his lab, he was really the creator of all the androids, his name was Dr. Gero. They followed him to his lab, when they got there it was too late, the Androids killed Dr. Gero. One looked like a young boy and one looked like a pretty girl. The androids (#18 and #17) saw another android locked up in a chamber. They where about to unlock the chamber, but Trunks saw that they where about to let another android loose so he flipped and blew the lab up. The other android was still in his chamber and the other androids where not even scratched. They let the other android out, he was HUGE! His name was #16. He didn't talk a lot and he was peaceful. They then flew away from the Z-team (To find Son Goku). Then Vegeta went to follow them and Trunks tried to stop him, Vegeta hit Trunks out of the way and flew where the androids flew. #17 (the boyish one) said they should stop and look for a car to ride, they where in no hurry. So they stopped at a main road and waited. Vegeta then arrived and then a fight started between #18 (the pretty girl) and Vegeta. Vegeta seemed to be winning at first, but then #18 said she would use more power. She beat Vegeta down! Then the rest of the Z-team arrived and started to fight. #17 joined in too. By the time the androids where done with the z-team, the z-team had broken arms, backs and so on and so on. Kuririn gave them each a senzu after the androids left. Vegeta took of, his pride was hurt more than he was (being beaten by a girl). Then Kuririn said, "Ah, Piccolo, I'm sure glad you're on our side now." Piccolo then got enraged and yelled, "I AM THE ARCH DEMON PICCOLO! I HAVE JUST BEEN USING YOU SO I CAN TAKE OVER THE EARTH!" He shot a blast at the floor and flew away. Kuririn laughed and said that Piccolo was just bluffing. He pointed out that Piccolo flew towards Kamisama's palace. He said that they where going to become one again so Piccolo could have lots of strength and beat the androids.

Was Piccolo going to fuse with Kamisama for good? Even if he did could he beat the androids?
You'll have to wait and read the next saga summery "The Cell Saga"
Cell Saga
Piccolo and Kamisama fused, Piccolo was stronger than any of the Z-team now! Kami told Piccolo about something worse than the androids, "Cell". Piccolo flew to where he saw Cell and fought him. Cell had killed a whole city already. He sucked out the people's cells through his tail. He sucked some of Piccolo's Cells too. Cell could even do Piccolo's moves!! He got that ability from Piccolo's cells. Piccolo finds out that Cell needs the androids to become Super Perfect, then breaks free and fights Cell some more. Then Cell goes off to find the androids. Goku has finished healing and then the Z-Team go to the Room of Spirit and Time to train (Every minute in this world is 6 hours in there). Cell finds #17 and #16, he fights #16 and rips him apart. Then absorbs #17 and reaches his second form. Tienshinhan tries to stall Cell while #18 and #16 break for it. #16 is fixed up and he is now on the good guy's team. In the room of Spirit and time Gohan has reached Super Saiyajin. Trunks and Vegeta are done training and they go off to fight Cell. Vegeta is whacking him a lot, but then lets Cell absorb #18 to become super perfect! Cell then beats down Vegeta, Trunks sees his father in need of help, he is enraged! His muscles grow about 2 X and his hair started standing up more on end. He reached Ultimate Super Saiya-jin! He and Cell fought for a while and was doing pretty good. Goku and Gohan where done in the room of spirit and time. They flew to the battle ground, Trunks could not fight any more. Goku then fought Cell, it was pretty even but then Cell beat down on Goku. Cell then made a bunch of little Cells, they where called Cell Jr.. Goku then had Gohan fight Cell. Gohan could not touch cell, he was getting whooped. Then #16 came up behind Cell and tried to self-destruct, but Bulma took the bomb out of him! Cell shot a beam and that ripped #16 into pieces, his head was strewn in a pile of junk. Then Cell stepped on #16's head and squashed it....WRONG THING TO DO! Gohan then was enraged, he was so angry...that he...he....EXPLODED WITH ANGER! He was Super Saiyajin 2!!! He killed all of the Cell Jr. and stole his senzu back from Cell (Cell took it away before). He gave the z-team some senzu after being beaten by the Cell Jr.. Then Gohan kicked Cells ass! Cell tried to shoot Gohan with his most powerful Kamehameha, but Gohan shot back. That ripped Cell in half. Goku yelled at Gohan to finish him, but Gohan wanted Cell to suffer. But since Cell took Piccolo's cells he could regenerate like Piccolo. So he regenerated, but he was using so much power that all of a sudden he vomited #18 out. Kuririn took #18 to the side. He was just perfect Cell now (his 2nd form). He knew he couldn't beat Gohan so he went to go self-destruct to blow the planet up. The Goku used instantaneous movement to bring him to Kaiosama's. Cell blew up Kaiosama's planet along with Goku and Kaiosama. Back on earth Gohan was in shock, his Father just died. Then out of nowhere a shot of ki hit Trunks and almost killed him. It was Cell! He used instantaneous movement to go back to earth and he was now stronger than ever! He then shot a blast at Vegeta, Gohan flew in the way of it. It broke Gohan's arm. Then Cell started powering up a Super Kamehameha. Gohan was about to give up but then Goku talked to him. He told Gohan to shoot another Kamehameha and use full power. Gohan then shot back at Cell. It was an even fight, the beams where going back and forth. Vegeta came in and shot Cell's back throwing him off balance. Gohan then used his full power, blasting Cell into Oblivion.

Buu Saga

After Majin Vegeta killed himself to try to destroy Buu, Buu regenerated. Him and Babide started wrecking Havoc all over, Buu would turn people to candy then eat them. Goku only had a little more time on earth. When Goku cam to, he went to Kamisama's (Dende's) palace. They where still out cold. After being there for a while he went to fight Buu. He fought Buu, showing his true power of a Super Saiyajin 3. Then Babide started calling Buu names, Buu was sick and tired of Babide's crap so he then blew Babide's head clean off his body. At that time Goku had a plan (He was back at Kaisama's). He wanted to teach the kids (Goten and Vegeta) how to do the "Fusion". He taught them with Piccolo. They didn't have it down verve well, but Goku had to leave now. He couldn't stay on earth any longer. Piccolo was then training the kids on the "Fusion". They learned it pretty good, not they just had to do some training to built their strength. They trained in the room of spirit & time. They tried the Fusion again and it was a success! When transformed they could go Super Saiyajin 3! At this time Mr. Satan was trying to make it look like he beat Buu. He went to Buu's house and gave Buu some candy, then asked if Buu could lay on the floor while he took a picture of them with his foot on Buu. He started feeling sorry for Buu. He then stayed with Buu being his cook, friend and even bath buddy! They became best friends. Then they found a little puppy, Buu loved this puppy dearly. But one day while playing with it a hunter shot the puppy. Buu was furious! He ran over to the dog and healed it. He almost exploded with anger, he had to keep it bottled up. Then later the hunter came back (After his beating from Mr. Satan) and shot Mr. Satan! Buu couldn't take it any more, steam was coming out of his holes, he healed Mr. Satan, then told him to leave. Mr. Satan too the dog and started running. Then Buu went out and there was an explosion of rage, Out of that explosion spawned another Buu! This one was a lot darker and a lot skinnier. That Buu then turned the old Fat Buu into chocolate and absorbed his power! That evil Buu started to transform into a more fit Buu! He then flew off, he was looking for those 2 kids. He then made it to Kamisama's and told Piccolo to take him to the kids, Piccolo wanted them to rest more, they where not ready to fight Buu yet because they still needed to train. Piccolo talked Buu into waiting for a bit. Like an idiot Chi-Chi came over to Buu yelling at him for "killing Gohan". Buu then said, "Become an egg" and then stepped on her. When this happened Goten and Trunks just happened to be walking by to start training some more. Goten almost lost it. They trained some more, but Buu was getting annoyed waiting. He then told Piccolo to take him to them right away. Piccolo then took Buu the long way. After walking for about an hour they made it to the room of spirit & time. The fight began, Goten and Trunks fused to become "Gotenks". Gotenks was fighting in non-super Saiyajin form. Then after he made it look like he was getting beaten he transformed into SSJ1. The fight was going on for a while, but then Gotenks used his Kamikaze ghost attack. He blew Buu into pieces, he was everywhere! Then Piccolo and Gotenks started burning the remains of Buu. After they where done a pink mist started forming above their heads, it was Buu regenerating! They fought a little, then Gotenks told Piccolo that he was running out of strength and there was nothing more he could do (He wanted to "WOW" piccolo by turning SSJ3 in the middle of the fight). Then Piccolo destroyed the gateway back to earth. They where stuck in the room of spirit & time. Piccolo told Buu that and that Buu could never see candy again. Buu then started screaming in anger. He screamed so loud that it ripped a hole from the room of spirit & time back to earth. He saw the chance to escape, so he did, leaving Gotenks and Piccolo behind. Piccolo told Gotenks that they had to try the same thing if they wanted to get out. They screamed and screamed, but the hole never opened. Back on earth Buu turned everyone at Kamisama's into chocolate then ate them. Back in the room of spirit & time Gotenks told Piccolo that he still had one thing he could use. The Gotenks turned SSJ3. They screamed again and this time a portal opened up. They where back on earth. Gotenks fought Buu for a while, but then un-fused, their time was up. This whole time that everyone thought Gohan was dead, he really wasn't. He was brought to Planet Kaioshin along with Kaioshin and Kibit, Goku was even there since the dead where allowed to be on that plain. Gohan was getting a power up by an old Kaioshin (Who happened to be a perverted Kaioshin). Gohan was brought to earth and he started fighting Buu. He was wining for a while, but then Goten and Trunks fused again. Then Buu used some of his body that was ripped off during the fight to absorb Piccolo and Gotenks! He was A LOT stronger now. Back on Kaioshin the old Kaioshin told Goku that he needed to help. Goku asked how and the old Kaioshin told Goku that he would give Goku his own life, then Goku would no longer be dead. He told Goku that he should use the fusion, but to use the Potara fusion. He went to show Goku how it works. He told Kibit to give Kaioshin (The young one) his earring. He told Kaioshin to put that earring on. As soon as he did their bodies flew together into one. They fused! Then the old Kaioshin mentioned that that fusion is permanent. Then he gave Goku his live and a pair of Potara earrings. Goku teleported back to Earth. He saw Gohan getting his ass whooped. He threw Gohan the earring, but it fell in a crack in the ground. Goku recovered it but it was too late, Buu had absorbed Gohan. At this time Vegeta was given permission to leave hell to fight. He got to earth and put the earring on. He and Goku fused into Vegetto. Vegetto kicked Buu's ass. Buu absorbed Vegetto and Vegetto un-fused in Buu. Inside Buu Vegeta and Goku fought Buu's body. Then they saw Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo and Fat Buu. Then Vegeta and Goku got them all (Except for fat Buu). Then Vegeta asked Buu what would happen if he pulled Fat Buu out of his stomach. Buu started screaming, "NO!! DON'T!!". So Vegeta (seeing that Buu didn't want that) pulled Fat Buu out. Then Buu's body became hot, Vegeta and Goku escaped with Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Piccolo. Then when they where out of his body they saw that Buu became smaller, he almost looked like a kid. Then Buu built a HUGE death ball and threw it at the earth. Goku saw Mr. Satan and Dende watching behind some rocks. Goku saved them and Kaioshin teleported to earth and too Goku, Vegeta, Mr. Satan (and his puppy), and Dende to Planet Kaioshin. Goten, Trunks, Piccolo and the whole planet where gone. Buu was in space looking for Planet Kaioshin. When he found it Kaioshin had taken Dende to Planet Namek to wish back, Earth and the people who died. Goku and Buu where fighting, Vegeta was too weak to really hurt Buu. He just watched. But then Fat Buu came in and started fighting Majin Buu (The Chibi-Buu)! Then Goku started building a Chaou Genkidama. He started collecting Ki from every person in the universe. But the people of earth didn't believe him so they would not raise their hands to lend Goku their ki. Vegeta tried to talk to them, but they hated him. Then their hero, Mr. Satan told them to so they did. Then Goku threw the Chaou Genkidama at Buu, killing him for good. That's when Goku said that he wishes that Buu would be reincarnated into someone with a pure heart so they could spar, not try to kill each other. This is about the end of the series, the last episodes where at a Tenkaichi Budoukai a few years in the future. Goten was now a teen and so was Trunks. Gohan and his High School love got married and had a baby girl named Pan. Then you learn that Goku made a deal with Emma and had Buu Reincarnated to a young boy named Uub (Uub is Buu backwards, hence Uub). Goku and Uub flew off to train for 5 years, and that is the beginning of Dragonball GT.

Dragon Ball GT closes the popular series in Dragon Ball with an introduction to another set of dragon balls and the reintroduction of Emperor Pilaf. Dragon Ball GT, short for Dragon Ball Grand Tour, first aired in Japan on January 7, 1996. Akira Toriyama, the creator of the Dragon Ball series, did not lead in the production of this series. It is believed that the only reason for the creation of GT was so that people would still be interested when the new Dragon Ball Video game Dragon Ball: Final Bout was released. Since the success Dragon Ball, new producers lead in the productions of GT without Akira Toriyama heading in the productions. The first few episodes were not popular with the viewers for the lack of action and story line, interest picked up as the Z warriors traveled across the galaxy.
Tens years has passed since the end of the Dragon Ball Z series. Goten, Gohan, and Trunks are grown up living out their daily lives in the big city. Gohan is married to Videl, Mr. Satan's daughter, and have a daughter of their own, Pan. Goku is training with Uubu as Mr. Popo and Dende watches nervously as Goku and Uubu are causing tremendous damage to the tower. After stopping for a few minutes, Goku walks around the tower to notice Emperor Pilaf has grabbed the Ultimate Dragon Balls that was in an urn and has called the dragon. The Ultimate Dragon Balls, also known as the Black Star Dragon Ball, was created by Kami-sama before he was purified. Emperor Pilaf is outraged to see how big Goku has gotten and believes that he is here to stop him from making his wish again. Pilaf orders Shuu and Mai to shoot the robot missiles, which was easily caught by Goku. Pilaf, blinded by his rage insanely wishes that Goku was smaller so he would be easier to defeat. The dragon says “So be it” turning Goku into a child again. After the wish is granted, the Dragon Balls are scattered across the universe. Dende and Mr. Popo are confused as they come across a child Goku. Kaiou-sama mentions the only way to reverse the wish is to gather the Ultimate Dragon Balls, and to keep the world from blowing up within one year.
Goku meets up with all his friends back at his house, which makes Chi Chi mad since she thinks this is a rude trick on her since Goku looks much younger then her. As the Z team fixes up the Space ship that Bulma has built, Pan is mad that she cannot go with Goku to help him out to find the balls. She kicks the ship putting a dent in it but covers it up with a cart. She flies off with Goku following closely behind her but escapes him when two thugs kidnap Goku. The two thugs tries all day to call in their ransom, but gets no luck. They are later scared off when Goku brings them a phone booth when they are looking for one. The next day, Goku and Trunks climb aboard the space ship as Goten finishes up his phone call out side the ship. Pan waits for Goku and Trunks to enter the ship so she can blast off with out getting kicked off the ship. This begins Goku and his team search for the Ultimate dragon balls. Goku and the team travel across the galaxy coming across many enemies and making friends on his search of the seven Ultimate Dragon Balls. One of the friends they make is a little robot they later name Gill. Gill ate the trio’s dragon radar for energy and Trunks told it to come with them since it will act as a large dragon radar. It helps them have an advance warning of up coming dangers and adds a comic effect to the story. The trio arrives home with all seven Ultimate Dragon Balls in their possession, happy to be home with their love ones. Goku gives Dende the Ultimate Dragon Balls so he can make the wish to save the world but Dende has a smirk on his face. Little does Goku know that the whole world is not feeling it self lately.
Baby, an enemy Goku and his friends come across in the galaxy has made his way to earth, planted eggs inside all the people on Earth to become his slave. Goku, unable to contain SSJ3 form long in his child form looses the first battle with Baby. He goes under training to learn to hold this form longer then has been able to. After his training is completed, he is teleported to the new planet Plant that Baby has created to look like the old planet Plant. Goku and Baby Vegita fight with Goku loosing. Goku is outraged that he can not save planet Earth that he transforms into a Golden Oozaru and starts trashing the planet. Pan flies in front of Goku in his transformed state and begs for him to stop, crying his finger. Goku looks up at the Earth again and a golden yellow glow engulfs his body as lightning shoots across the sky. The cliff Goku was on crumbles underneath Goku’s feet and when the dust rests, Goku has transformed into his SSJ4 self. Goku looks like his adult for with long black hair, and an ape like body with dust red coat. Pan wishes for Goku to stop Baby Vegita, and Goku mentions he should have the power to stop him. Goku and Baby Vegita fight with Baby Vegita about to loose until Bulma steps in to save her husband by transforming him into the Golden Oozaru. Baby goes crazy in this new form destroying his own city and planet. Kaiou-bit, one of Goku’s training partner, teleports to Dendes Palace to get some water that will cure all evil in someone. He then teleports back to planet Plant to transform all of Baby’s slaves back to their normal self. SSJ4 Goku finally defeats Baby when Baby tries to escape in a space ship which Goku destroys with a Kamehame-ha blast. The whole world is turned back to normal when Kaiou-bit sprinkles the water on the Earth removing the Baby’s egg and control over them. The Planet Earth is about to blow up, leaving SSJ4 Goku and Kaiou-bit teleporting people and animals to the planet Plant. They are able to get everyone to the planet when Goku realizes there is one last person on the planet. Piccolo contacts Gohan to let him know that he is going to stay on the planet when it blows up and die so the Ultimate Dragon Balls can never be used again. As long as Piccolo is alive, anyone can use those dragon balls. Piccolo also tells Gohan how proud he is of him by how strong Gohan has got. He wishes him goodbye as the planet blows up. After Dende’s dragon balls are able to be used again, Dende wishes the Earth to be restored and all the people back to the Earth.
The next fighting tournament begins with Goku in the kids competition and Pan in the Adults. Goku is defeated when the kid accidentally bumps into him when he was talking to Goku, then tickled to where he falls out of boundaries. Pan, having more luck than Goku defeats her opponents with little problems. She then pulls herself out of the competition when an announcer asks her how she would feel taking over her father's position. With fear of herself looking like Mr. Satan, she pulls herself out of the competition. The final round is between Uubu and Mr. Satan. Uubu is about to finish Mr. Satan off when he realizes that Mr. Satan is the Earth's hero and if he defeats him, all the world will look down on Mr. Satan. Uubu lets Mr. Satan punch him out of the ring so Mr. Satan will win the competition and the audience applause. Mr. Satan is awarded the strongest person on the Earth once again.
Dr. Gero and another evil scientist in the home for the internal losers combine powers to create the ultimate warrior to get their revenge on Goku for defeating them. They create another #17 so the two can merge together to become Super 17. Goku goes and fights Cell and Freeza, who both think they have gotten strong enough to defeat Goku. Both are defeated by Goku with little problem. Goku comments on this mentioning how quickly this fight when. On Earth, #17 kills both Kurrinin and #18 when #18 would not join him in conquering the world like they were supposed. #18 crawls to her dead husband and holds his hand as she dies in the street with him. The two #17 merges together to become Super 17 which both Vegita and Gohan cannot stop. Goku wishes to go back to Earth, but is not able to return for some reason. Goku finally returns to Earth, saying he was able to since the food tasted so bad down there. Goku then fights 17 until he kills Him with the Kamehame-ha blast that pierces 17’s chest. Once the fight is over, the Z team gathers the dragon balls to wish all those killed by 17 back to life. The dragon balls did not work like they usually do, as they are cracked and blue smoke pours out of the dragon balls.
Another dragon comes out of the dragon balls, and tells the people he doesn't care about the wishes and creates 7 dragons, each with a dragon ball. Kaiou-bit mentions to everyone that the reason behind this is that each time they make a wish, evil is brought into the ball and causes the ball to crack like it did today. Kaiou-bit mentions if Bulma never did create the dragon radar, this would have never happened but Bulma says that she couldn't do it all on her own, Goku helped her. Goku, thinking that he had a part on this, tells them that he has to do what he has to do. Goku takes off after each of the dragons to defeat them. Goku flies across the world defeating each dragon as he goes along. Vegita, still disappointed that he is not able to turn SSJ4, has Bulma build a device that will be able to turn him into a SSJ4 just like Goku. Goku, coming a long the last dragon, Li-Shenlon who absorbed all the dragon balls to become perfect.
Goku, unable to defeat Li-Shenlon on his home sees Vegita coming and wonders what he is doing here. Bulma fires a ray at Vegita that transforms Vegita into a SSJ4. Goku and Vegita uses the Fusion technique to turn into Gojita SSJ4 that is the ultimate fighter in the series. Gojita can only stay in this form for twenty minutes when it turns back into both Vegita and Goku. This has been the longest anyone has been able to last against Gojita when it is perfect. Li-Shenlon destroys Goku, Vegita, and their friends. Pan and the rest of people watching are told to leave for their own safety. Goku, back as a kid again, powers up for his Spirit Bomb attack. He asks all the characters that he had met on the search for the dragon balls to help him to defeat this dragon before it destroys the whole galaxy. Goku gets the energy needed to complete the Spirit Bomb and destroys the Evil Dragon. With that, the dragon balls return back to normal, Shenlon returns and mentions there will be no more wishes for 100 years. Goku makes a deal with the dragon to make one more wish. He wishes for everything to return like it was before the dragons destroyed the Earth in replace for his own life. The dragon grants it and tells Goku to hop onto his back. Goku wishes everyone goodbye as only Vegita and Pan understand what Goku is about to do.
Goku flies over Tenshinhan and Chauzu, Yamcha fixing his car. He stops by in the Home for the internal losers and thanks Piccolo for everything, and wishes him goodbye with a powerful hand shake. Goku stops by Master Roshi's island to duel with Kurrinin one last time. After Kurrinin gets one good hit in, Goku vanishes back to Shenlon and falls asleep on top of his head. All seven -dragon balls circle around Goku as they get absorbed into his body. The four star ball, believed to have his grand father’s spirit circles Goku's head and then is absorbed into his forehead.
100 years has passed since Goku traded his life for the world life. Goku jr. and Vegita jr. are competing in the tournament as Pan, old and full of spirit, watches her grandson battle on. As she looks at the bottom row, Goku is sitting there watching the two fighters battle with all their heart. Pan tries to go say hello to her grandfather, but he vanishes before she could get there. As GT closes, you see Goku walking out of the arena as a young adult smiling at what he has seen.
Another summary on DB GT:
In Kami's Lookout Goku and Ubuu are having a massive battle. It just about destroys the whole floating planet. We see how much stronger Ubuu has become since DBZ. From the side of Kami's Lookout there are three robot's that hold people in them. Non other than the great Emperor Pilaf and his two trusty assistants Myuu and Shou. They have come to find the Ultimate Dragon balls. We see how much Pilaf has aged since Dragonball. Goku and Ubuu come out of the battle area to be met by Dende and Mr. Popo. Goku and Ubuu faint from exhaustion. Now, Pilaf finds the Dragon balls and explains to his assistance that they were made before Piccolo split so these Dragon balls are twice as powerful. Ubuu says good-bye to every one and then leaves. Goku eats a huge meal and then says farewell to his friends. Pilaf has gathered all the dragonballs together and has summoned Super Shenron. He is against red Dragon that looks transparent. Goku is leaving and runs into Pilaf. Pilaf's assistance knows who he is immediately, but Pilaf is uncertain. Goku does not notice the Shenron and implies what Pilaf is doing. When Pilaf finds out that this is the same Son Goku who has stopped him from ruling the world in the past he goes nuts and fires missiles at Goku. Goku easily stops them and this gets Pilaf very upset. Pilaf says that he wishes that Goku was a kid again so that he could beat him. Well, Shenron takes this wish seriously and turns Goku back into a child. Shenron then bids a farewell and the Dragonballs fly off. Kaio, Dende, Popo, and Goku are talking and Kaio and Popo reveal that these Dragonballs scatter all over the Universe and not just all over the planet. Goku though does not seem to mind much and flies away. Kaio utters though that Goku does not realize how serious this is.

We are now taken to a building where men are holding a building hostage. At the same time we see Pan-Chan and her date walking down a road. They are headed to see a movie. When they arrive the learn that the movie theater is off limits due to the back robbery. Pan-chan of course being very angry takes off to go fight the bank robbers. She easily defeats them all. During the fight though Goku arrived and attempted to fight, but each time got stopped by Pan because she thought he was just a little kid. Well, after the fight Pan's date runs away in fear and she begins to cry. Just then Master Roshi shows up and at the same time Pan and Goku utter his name. Well, as Kamesennin walks over he has to be his normal self and walk through the crowd of all the pretty girls and touch every single one of them. Goku finds this funny, but Pan is very embarrassed. Goku utters that he never changes and Kamesennin wonders who this kid is. When Goku tells him it doesn't sink in right away, but after a moment Kamesennin grabs Goku and hugs him and twirls him around. Pan is amazed and will not believe that this is her grandpa. She is in shock when Goku realizes who she is.

Back at Gokuh's house Videl, Gohan, Chi Chi, Pan, and Goku have joined. Chi Chi feels that it is a conspiracy against her because Goku already lives longer than her and now he has to go and turn into a little kid. Gohan asks Goku if he will search for the dragonballs and Goku is uncertain. Kaio then calls for Goku and tells him that if within one year all the black star dragonballs are not gathered that Earth will blow up.

Trunks is just returning from a meeting and is being greeted by all of his employes. They are congratulating him and telling him of all his other meetings. Every single girl who works there is staring at Trunks and comenting about what a hunk he is. Trunks doesn't look very happy though and when he gets to the elevator he tells everyone to leave him alone for a while. When he gets in his office he sits down to rest when a man carrying a stack of books comes in. He asks Trunks to look over them and leaves before Trunks can really get in a form of response. Then Trunks secratary comes and reads Trunks schedule for the day. Trunks stands up and has an evelish look on his face. He opens the window and flies out it. Trunks flies over the town and off into the distance.

Back at Gokuh's house Goten is talking to his new girlfriend when we see Chi Chi, Goku, Gohan, and Videl talking. Chi Chi is relieved that Goku will be able to leave the next day. Goku doesn't want to go, but of course Chi Chi takes charge and tells him he has to. He suggests that all they have to do is to get the regular DB and move everyone to a new planet. Videl jumps in though and asks for that to be a last resort and everyone agrees. Gohan then mentions that he will be going also and Pan wants to go then, but is told no. Videl and Goku then bicker. A little later everyone is working on the space ship. We are told by Bulma that it is just a 3 person ship. Outside of Capsule Corp. there is a man spying on the door to CC. Out walks Vegeta who looks very different then in DBZ. We learn that they are looking for Pan. Meanwhile, Pan is trying to find someone to help, but no one needs it. She gets upset and kicks one of the walls. Well when she does this she puts a dent in the ship and knocks an engine loose. She quickly puts something in front of the dent. Pan is bored so she leaves the building and the man who was looking for her goes to get her. Goku comes running after Pan because he wants to go with her. More than once Pan says no. The man hides in some bushes right in front of Pan and Goku. The man jumps out to get Pan just as she flies away so instead he grabs Goku. Pan goes to see her Grandpa Satan and when she gets there to take out her anger takes on all of the men in his martial arts class. After beating them all she challenges Satan, but Satan weasels out by saying he has a cold. Then the men have now taken Goku to eat while two of the men discuss who this kid is. They come to the conclusion that he is an illegitament child. They phone Bulma, but she takes it as though Goku is lost. Now Pan and Mr. Satan are discussing how everyone treats Videl like a child. They are at a restaurant and when the waitress brings them there drink we see that Videl has ordered coffee and Mr. Satan has ordered some sort of shake. Mr. Satan then gets Pan all riled up. Meanwhile, Goku has taken one of the men to an amusement park. During this the other man calls CC again only to get Vegeta on the line. Vegeta tells the guy to do whatever he wants with Goku and then hangs up. The two men and Goku are driving when Goku says that he should get home. The man though says that he wants to make one more phone call. When they cannot find a phone Goku flies away to get one. He comes back carrying a pay phone and the two men come to the conclusion that Goku is a monster. They then hop into their car and drive away.

Back at the CC we see Trunks fly out of his window, but he stops because he sees Vegeta. Vegeta then gets Trunks and Goten together and tells them that they are going with Goku to find the DB. He says that and asked Gohan to switch with them. He also tells Goten to forget about his date and tells Trunks that Bulma can take care of the company. Goku, Trunks, and Goten stand in front of the ship while Bulma, Gohan, Vegeta, Bra, Chi Chi, and Videl look on. Videl wonders where Pan is. Right as they are about to get on the ship Goten's phone rings and it is his girlfriend. He tries to explain why he canceled their date while Trunks and Goku board the ship. The two go up to the ship second level only to find Pan in the control room. With Goten still outside Pan pressed the ignition button and the spaceship takes off. Goten is sent flying through the air and then tells his date that it looks like they are still on for the night. As the ship flies out of view a part flies off the ship and lands next to Bulma. Bulma has a look of shock on her face and then looks off in the distance at the ship.

On the space ship Trunks is chasing Pan around for the control panel key. Pan points out that he she knows he wants it so that he could turn around the ship. After much chasing Trunks finally catches Pan. Pan though drops the key down her shirt so that Trunks cannot get to it. Back on Earth Chi Chi is wondering about how Goku and Pan are doing. At the same time Bulma is trying to find where the part that fell of the ship came from. On the ship Pan is cleaning and talking about how everyone has to chip in. At the end of her talk the ship starts to shake. The group looks out the window only to see one of the engine's falling off. Back on Earth Bulma has found that the part was part of the main control rocket. Trunks takes command of the ship though and flies towards the closest planet. Trunks manages to pull of a semi clean landing. Next, Trunks, Goku, and Pan are walking through a town. We learn that the planet is called Imegga. There is a massive market and Trunks and Goku decide that they will rest for the day and fix the ship the next day. After they say this a mob of people charge after them and dress them in clothes. Everyone is trying to sell them something. When Trunks mention's that they need a part for there ship everyone tries to sell them one. Trunks finally buys what he needs and then they are off to a hotel. The three of them sneak into a hotel not sure what to expect. They are met by the desk clerk. Trunks asks if there is a room available. Trunks then mentions about how he was forced to buy more than he wanted. The clerk then talked to him about the merchants and said that he would not find such vendors in his hotel. So Trunks, Pan, and Goku are brought up to their room. It is a gigantic room that could fit many more than three. Trunks jumps onto the bed, Pan goes to take a shower and of course Goku goes to eat. Trunks turns on the TV and he sees the countries leader Don Kea. He wonders if the country is lead by a dictator. Pan then comes out to tell Trunks that the water will not turn off. Trunks jumps out of the bed, but is attached to a chain. Then Pan and Trunks notice that Meters are attached to everything. The refrigerator that Goku has opened is filling up the room with food and will not stop. The meters are charging them for everything that they use. Quickly Trunks grabs Pan and Goku and they fly out of the hotel.

It is night time and the three of them are standing outside. It is raining and Goku and Pan are fighting. They all decide to go back to the ship, Pan though leans against a wall and she falls into a house. They are met by two parents and their two children. We find out that the ruler is Don Kea. He is a very greedy king. Everything that everyone has is leased from the king and that is why people need to make money so they can pay the lease. Prices though are very high. During the talk though robots come along and take the people's house because they were not able to pay the rent. We also learn that things were not like this before Don Kea and any threat or attack made against him will result in severe punishment. The next day Trunks, Pan, and Goku are walking back to their ship. Pan wonders if there is a DB on the planet and Goku also urges Trunks to check the dragon radar. As Trunks pulls it out he is startled by a noise and drops the radar. A little robot who is half buried in the ground eats the radar to replenish its energy. Trunks grabs the radar, but then the three of them see their space ship being pulled away. The robot gets away and Trunks and Pan chase it. Finally Goku chases it, but by the time he is caught their ship has already been taken.

Trunks, Goku, and Pan are still out in the desert. Goku suggest that he can catch up to their ship by using teleportation. So Goku, Pan, and Trunks go up onto of a cliff and Goku finds the ship. When Goku teleports though he is just brought about 20 feet above the rock and then they fall to the ground. This happens one more time. Trunks than points out that the reason is because the DB's brought Goku back before he mastered teleportation. Back at Don Kea's palace he is eating when his two assistants Velajin and Ziguel come into the room. They report to Don Kea that they recovered the ship he spotted a few days earlier. They go on to say that there is nothing of value on board and that it is virtually useless. Don Kea then tells them to at least sell it to a scrap yard so that they can make some money off of the ship.

Goku, Pan, and Trunks have followed the ship and are at Don Kea's palace. They sneak in and are discussing where the ship would be. Goku spots the ship and three fly down to get a closer look. The Z gang walked all around the ship and guards are everywhere. Finally they get close enough and Pan decides that it is time to get the ship. As she is running though a can tossed by one of the guards hits Pan on the head and causes her to cry. Trunks grabs Pan and covers her mouth. When Pan finally stops though a big rock falls on Trunks's head knocking him over. When he falls the robot in his backpack wakes up and starts talking. The guards heear it and go to get the intruders. The three of them easily beat up all the guards. Goku cuts loose the ship and it lands in the back of a hover craft. Pan drives the craft while Goku and Trunks are on top. Pan knocks into everything and everyone is running away. Velajin and Ziguel each fire a ki blast at the ship which Goku easily knocks away. The blast goes flying after it hits the two and a mysterious person at the top of the building easily knocks it away. He then wonders whether Goku is a Saiya-Jin. Back at Don Kea's palace Don Kea talks to Velajin and Ziguel and asks why he pays them so much. They then tell Don Kea that they have pictures of the intruders. We also learn that they man who knocked away Gokuh's blast is named Professor Ledgic and it seems as though Don Kea fears him. Trunks tries to fix the ship, but he needs to buy some parts. So the three Saiya-Jins go into town to get the parts. When the people see them they all close up their shops and run away. Pan, Goku, and Trunks then see wanted signs of them all over the town, but the pictures have been altered to show them with guns, knifes, and making obscene gestures. The police then chase after the three Saiya-Jins.

Want to know who does the voices for the Z fighters?
Chris Sabat is the voice of Piccolo, Vegeta, and Yamcha. Sean Schemmel is the voice of none other than Goku. Kara Edwards is the voice of Goten and Videl. Josh Martin is the voice of Majin Buu

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