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Character Bios
This is the Bios page and we will put up bios for two of the characters each week or so and then we will change it to two different people so check back often.

Race: Human
Age in DBZ: 10
Born: 774 AD
Trainer: Goku

Just befor killing Buu Goku made a wish that Buu would be resurrected as a good person so that he would have a strong training partner. Well I guess King Yamma heard his wish and Buu was resurrected as a young boy named Ubuu. He lives in a small village and his family didn't have much money. He entered the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai. He is working really hard to become strong so that he can win the prize money to help his family. Goku tells Ubuu that his family will be taken care of with money black-mailed from Mr.Satan and goes off with Goku to train. Now we jump ahead 5 years to the start of Dragonball GT (DBGT). Goku and Ubuu are training. The same day that Ubuu leaves to return to his family and village, Goku is turnd into a little kid by Emperor Pilaf. Now skip forward a long way to the fight against Vegeta Baby, Ubuu fuses with Mr.Buu and pits himself against the foe while Goku is getting his tail regrown. Ubuu stalls Vegeta Baby for a little bit, but is finaly over thrown.

Name: Piccolo
Birth Date: ???
Height: 6'6''
Weight: around 200 pounds
Eye Color: Black
Species: Namek
Spawn of: Piccolo Daimaou
When Kami looked to become Earth's next God/Guardian, he must rid himself of all evil. Through a personal battle, Kami splits himself into two beings; one good and the other evil. The evil half becomes Piccolo-Daimoa, a creature who thrives on destruction. Although, sharing Kami's life force, he is unable to kill his own twin without wiping out himself. When Piccolo-Daimoa is defeated by Goku, he coughs up a single egg, passing on his life force and bonds to it. This new life force becomes Piccolo.
Piccolo was spawned from the original Piccolo Daimaou, who was the evil half of Kami Sama, guardian of Earth. Piccolo was evil too, at least he started out that way. He was born with his father's memories. After he saw the hatred between Goku and his father, he took it upon himself to take revenge on Goku. He tried everything, but there didn't seem a way to defeat Goku. Before Raditz appeared on Earth, Piccolo was still Goku's arch enemy. After Raditz's arrival to Earth and his havoc wreckage on Earth, Piccolo and Goku teamed up in order to overcome Raditz's tremendous power. They were able to kill Raditz, but with the expense of Goku's life. Goku's sacrifice made Piccolo realize how much of a great person he really was. After he heard Raditz tell him of the future arrival of two even stronger Saiya-jins, he decided to take Gohan to train him because Gohan showed tremendous power when he head butted Raditz. Piccolo trains Gohan and grows to love him, letting the good deep down inside him shine through. Gohan's child-like innocence changes Piccolo for the better. They developed a very close relationship and Piccolo becomes almost a father-figure to Gohan. Piccolo even sacrificed his own life to save Gohan from Nappa's blast. During the Freeza saga, Piccolo fuses with Nail, doubling his own power. During the Cell Game, he re-emerged with Kami. At that time he was the strongest Z fighter. During Dragonball GT, Piccolo stays and dies on Earth due to the love of his home.