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Here are some Cool Animated Pictures
I got these Animated Pictures courtesy of Beckett Collector

Bardock is Goku's real father who died trying to stop Freeza's destruction of Planet Vegeta.
Trunks is Bulma and Vegeta's son who becomes a Super Saiyan at a young age. The highest level of a Super Saiyan he has gotten to was when he was Gotenks stage 3.
Gohan is Goku and Chichi's oldest son who is very strong since he is half saiyan and half earthling. Gohan is the first to become a Super Saiyan 2! This level is probably to most efficient form of all since there are no set backs to the transformation.Gohan later has a little brother named Goten.
Goku is the main character of Dragon Ball Z and he is married to Chichi with two children. Goku is the first Super Saiyan after 2,000 years and is the strongest Z fighter.

This is Gohan powering up and destroying everything in his path. Wow what a pwerful fighter!
SSJ4 Goku and Vegeta
Gotenks is Goten and Trunks fused together who is the second saiyan to become Super Saiyan 3. At the 3rd stage he can only hold the transformation for 30 minutes like Goku.